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  • Amazing March Superintendent Award recipients! #ridingthewavetocollege
  • Our amazing PARENTS of our ENGLISH classes working with technology on their culminating activity! #ridingthewavetocollege @valverdesupt @mark_lenoir @vvusd
  • Thank you Abigail for helping us calibrate our reading assessments. You did amazing!!! #ridingthewavetocollege @jesswarren026 @agarcilia127 @mark_lenoir
  • Learning from the amazing @jesswarren026 @mark_lenoir @agarcilia127 #ridingthewavetocollege
  • More Saturday STEAM! #ridingthewavetocollege
  • @meadvalleyk5 representing @trmsvvusd festival. Proud community event!!! #ridingthewavetocollege @valverdesupt @mark_lenoir
  • 100 chose to attend Saturday STEAM today. So proud of our dedication. #ridingthewavetocollege @mark_lenoir @vvusd
  • Thank you @citrushillhawks and Mr Cobian for having your big kids teach our little kids to code! @valverdesupt @mark_lenoir #ridingthewavetocollege @redzonecamps
  • Don’t forget 5th Grade coding camp tomorrow at Tomas Rivera! Room 502. Bring your Chromebook. #ridingthewavetocollege
  • What a great representation of our yearlong writing initiative. Great job room 13! #ridingthewavetocollege @valverdesupt @mark_lenoir @agarcilia127
  • See you tomorrow :). Can’t wait!!!!!! #ridingthewavetocollege
  • Looking good at LegoLand!!! #ridingthewavetocollege
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